At the end of every year and the beginning of a new one, we always think about the year that passed and we resolve to start or stop things. We usually stop by saying „tomorrow I‘ll start…“. Which motivates us for the New Year, by telling ourselves that the year past wasn’t the best year, but next year will be MY year!

Why do we do this to ourselves? It‘s frustrating, isn’t it?

My theory is that we have the wrong intentions.

Aren’t the most important things that everyone strives happiness and satisfaction?

So let’s reflect on what makes you really feel happy – I hope, nobody ends up thinking about more sleep or watching TV. I am talking about something that lets you forget your daily sorrows and makes you feel good. Something that keeps you in balance. Nothing you SHOULD do, but something you LOVE doing!

In this sense, I make a shout out! Let’s experience these things, whatever they will be, as often as we can in 2015!

Every one of us is wasting time doing senseless things. Let’s use this time for something that makes you truly happy. We only need to step out of our comfort zone and get going. Let’s search for our inner child who longs for the joys of life!

Let’s make the world a better place by starting to make our own little world a better place. Inspire the people around you!

A happy and healthy year 2015 to all of you out there!

Love, Tanja

Believe in you

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