Resume of the year 2014 and fabulous prospects for 2015

What happend?

2014 – what a year! Peppered with adventure…Step by step I gave up my life in Germany. During the last months, I lived in my apartment with only a mattress on the floor, a kitchen and a wash machine. Everything I owned, I sold months before I moved out of my apartment. All that is left, are two packing cases with souvenirs and four oil paintings, waiting for me at the rooftop at my parents’ house. The things I couldn’t sell, I gave away or they ended up in the garbage. I moved out 3 months before my departure and did “couch surfing” in the homes of my family and friends. Those weeks that I spent with them, have been very special to me. They shared their homes and their daily routine with me. This way we were able to spend my last days in Germany together, in spite of my three jobs and 80 to 90 weekly working hours. We cried a lake of tears during those weeks with all the goodbyes and farewells and suddenly I found myself on an airplane with a one way ticket to Turkey. With 2014 ending, I have been travelling for four months and visited Turkey, Lebanon and Nepal. Open End!

After four months of travelling, I look back on a multitude of special moments. It’s mostly the company I had, that made the moments unforgettable and special. And I can’t say often enough – a place is only as good as the people you know there. And I have already met a lot of wonderful, shining diamonds, who touched my heart.

In more than 100 days of travelling, my best moments have been

  • After a night of drinking cocktails and dancing with my good Turkish friend Yilmaz and my beautiful Danish girls Natasja and Josephine, up in the mountains over Kas, lying on the car, watching the stars.


  • Swimming in a scenic lagoon with my lovely Turkish friend Tansel, philosophizing over starting a revolution for a happier life.
  • Sitting in the harbor of Kas watching the sea, while listening to the songs from Lenny Kravitz‘ new album for the very first time. Note of the author: I’m totally crazy about this man. At the age of 14 I fell in love with this incredible man and after 22 years of enduring love, every new album feels to me like the long awaited letter of a dear friend, telling you about the last months and years. I know it sounds a little bit obsessed!

Harbor Kas

  • The dream of my fluffy Australian friend Maria, was to drink pink champagne while taking a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia. And we made it! We made her dream come true!


  • Walking with my Brazilian friend Cristiane through the warm rain shower, to see the stunning sunset at Beirut‘s seaside. Passing all the smiling people in the cars, watching us enjoying the walk through the lovely warm rain shower without any rain gear and with waving hair.

Sunset Beirut

  • After a sleepless girlie night, deciding to take a 2 hour drive through Lebanon to see the sunrise at the cedar forests of Shouf. Arriving at 6 am and realizing that the nature preserve opens at 9 am. We were so tired and freezing, but for Carla, Dana, Lea and me, it was the perfect ending of the short and wonderful time we had together. Only by being together!


  • To be surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Himalaya Mountains. To complete the ABC-Trek and share the extraordinary moments with my mountain family, the Johnsons and funny Earth from Bangkok. (full article)


  • Flying with Halil in the morning of my birthday over Pokhara, while looking at the mountain range of the Annapurna Mountains. He made me feel so secure and comfortable that I wasn’t scared even for a second. What a wonderful birthday present he gave me!


  • And finally, my absolutely perfect birthday last week. All the love I got from friends from all over the world, sending me messages and videos. Ending up with a cozy birthday party with wonderful friends. No minute of this day I felt homesick, because I was and I am perfectly happy and satisfied.


These are only some of the wonderful moments I experienced since I started into my new life.

What’s going on?

In my last German winter, I told everybody that this will be my last winter for a very long time. Now I am in Nepal and the weather is colder than in Germany. What went wrong here?!

I started buying warm clothes, because I wasn’t prepared for the weather in Nepal. During the night I wear a wool beenie and my gloves and I’m tucked into my sleeping bag under a pile of blankets. And you won’t believe it… but I can see my breath inside my room. The problem is, that you can call yourself lucky, when the place you’re having dinner at, has an oven or a heater. That’s the only way to get warmed up, next to the bed. And I’m only a two hour flight away from Goa where it is quite hot.

So, why I am still in Nepal? My original plan was to leave Nepal after my birthday and before Christmas. But I decided to use my full three months visa and stay together with these wonderful people here in Nepal, who opened their doors for me and welcomed me like a family member.

I had such a warm welcome in Nepal. My plan was to visit two German guys from my German hometown and their wife’s here in Pokhara. Lucian and his Australian girlfriend Jess are living in the mountains above Pokhara. They will get married next year and they are best friends with Edi and his Nepalese wife Anjali. They live at Lakside Pokhara, which is the tourist area of Pokhara. They are living their dream here in Nepal.

Jess is a professional photographer and web designer. In the recent past, she published the first Pokhara Guide Book, which she designed, wrote and promoted together with Edi. Edi started his own web design company with five employees in Pokhara and he is working on a lot of interesting projects. Jess and Lucian own a cozy farmstay at a peaceful place, with a view onto the seventh highest mountain in the world. They live with 2 goats, 5 dogs, a few chickens and a cat. They offer all-inclusive stays in the relaxed atmosphere of the Annapurna Sanctuary. I always feel most welcome when I’m up for a visit. And I really enjoy being at their place. Jess and Lucian love their home and it’s a pleasure to watch them, with how much conviction they make their home to be a perfect place.

But most of the time, I am staying at Edi’s house. Because there is Anjali. Anjali is a wonderful, lovely and funny person. She works as the „secret manager“ of the Syrian restaurant „Tara Boutique“ , which is run by two lovely Syrian guys and turned in something like my living room. Anjali is the soul of this place and is in control of the boys there. This little 24 year old girl is full of energy and humor. She is always good for good advice and so she is something like our „grandma“. You can’t help it, you have to love her! Edi and Anjali have been married for two years and aside from their jobs, they rent rooms in their big home in Lakeside Pokhara.

I really enjoy the long (German) talks I have with Edi, while cooking or just sitting together and enjoying a glass of red wine. We can talk for hours without running out of things to talk about. Like good old friends. During our teenage times we went to the same school, so we’ve known each other for more than 20 years. But we’ve never been friends, because we never had a real conversation at home. Now we are wondering about that fact.

I feel like home, far away from home.

And that’s what my search is about. To find my personal way of life and open my heart to the people I meet on this road. To view every person as a teacher from whom you can learn. And to see it as a gift, to get a better understanding in the dazzling array and uniqueness of our neighbors.

What will be?

After I decided to stay here in Nepal, I got a big surprise from my friend Carla Barchini from Beirut, Lebanon. Carla and my story with her is so special to me, that I have written an entire article about it. (I’m sorry, only in German) To summarize it… I was sitting in the restaurant of my hostel in Beirut, next to my backpack and in front of my computer. I was searching for a new stay for my last three days in Lebanon. The hostel I lived in for 11 days had been fully booked, so I had to move. The moment that I put my backpack on, throwing my trekking shoes over the backpack, ready to leave the place, this smiling woman appeared in front of me and asked me, where I wanted to go. She was asking me about my trekking shoes and I was a little confused, because I didn’t know what she wanted. Suddenly she invited me to stay at her big apartment around the corner. I liked her from the first second and in these three days we spent together, we became friends for life. I had the most perfect time together with her and her friends and we all enjoyed the wonder of true friendship.

Now she will come over to Nepal, to celebrate New Year’s with me. I can’t wait to spend more special moments with Carla in beautiful Nepal.

This exiting year will end for me amongst my friends here in Pokhara. On the 29th of December, I will pick up Carla in Kathmandu and apply for my visa for India. The following days we will join the Pokhara Street Festival. After New Year’s Eve, we will trek to the Mardi Himal Base Camp. It’s a 4-6 days trek, starting at an altitude of 1,000 meters, up to the Mardi Himal Base Camp at 4,500 meters. The Base Camp is 380 meters higher than the Annapurna Base Camp. It will be really cold up there, but I can’t wait to walk again. (Wow, is this truly me saying this?)

Together with Carla I will leave Pokhara on January 9th and two days later I will set foot into the next country of my journey: India

On the trek to ABC, I was thinking a lot about it, how long I had dreamed being that woman travelling the world on her own. My dream came true! I’m that woman! Over the weeks I have asked myself what I will do with this newly found freedom. I was searching for the answer to that question. It is incredible how much I enjoy writing this blog and to share my adventures and experiences with all of you and I became aware of the answer right in the moment I was writing these words.

I am dreaming of this wonderful place on earth where I want to settle. A peaceful place with white, sandy beaches, where I will open a bar and live amongst good friends. At the moment I am dreaming of Costa Rica, but who knows. What I do know is, that it will have to be in Central- or South America. So, it’s important for me to get there as soon as possible. But before I can go on to another continent I need to learn and experience the Asian way of life.

So I will need to work up a new “to-do-list” which I love to make up and bring to fruition.

And once again I am realizing that all the things I had to go through, every decision I made, lead me to this place and made me to the woman that I am right now. Every new decision gives me the opportunity to change something. It’s up to me which way I want go and which road to take. And the most wonderful part is that, once I’ve made a decision, I can go for it at once. Isn’t life great?

To live my dreams, everything I have to go through is worth the effort! How about you?

And in the recent past I proofed to myself that, if I want something, I can do it!

I believe in myself and I am the only person responsible to make my next dream come true.

In this sense, fight for your dreams and make them come true!

Merry Christmas to you!


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